School Uniforms: Week Two

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Ok, so bear with me today, we just got home from our last summer getaway, and drive through the night, 7 hours from SC.  We arrived home at 2am, and I am a bit sleepy today!  

Depending on your schools uniform guidelines, this may vary, some schools only allowing ordering uniforms through a company they are contracted with, some have certain shirts with school emblems that must be worn.  Our new uniform dress code, it pretty straight forward, and we can purchase through any school uniform line.  So make sure you have all information before purchasing uniforms!

Many stores  have uniform lines.  Some which you may not even realize.  I have not tried out the clothing from these stores yet, but as I see what holds up/washes well I will update!

1.  Lands End: I think that this will get you the best quality for what you are paying. Lands End uniforms are very well known for being durable, cute, and classic.

2.  French Toast: This is an online brand that exclusively sells uniforms.  I found that on this site, I am able to find more of the unique pieces that all the stores don't sell.  They also include slim and husky, which I don't think I will need, I just make sure everything I buy has adjustable waist for my skinny boy. 

3.  Gymboree:  This isn't my favorite store for boys anyway, so I don't think I will buy a lot from here, but Gymboree is great quality in my opinion, and I know it will last.  Maybe if I had Gymbucks to use, and had a coupon with a sale, then I would hit it up for uniforms.  Usually I shop here for girl clothing only.

4.  Chaps:  Kohls is my go to for anything.  I love their kids sections, and it is in my top places to shop for my kids.  I Chaps is a brand there that carries uniforms.  I love that in my local store they had the sizes and more importantly the colors that I needed.  No need to order online.

5.  Old Navy: I have heard good things about this uniform line.  I am still unsure.  While I do love Old Navy, I feel like it isn't as good of quality.  When I buy things from Old Navy, they are great, for awhile.  They tend to wear out, especially boys jeans.  So we will see about this one!

6.  Crazy 8:  If you don't know Crazy 8 is a Gymboree brand.  I like the store, and am looking forward to trying some of their uniform pieces.

7.  The Children's Place:  I have always purchased my sons jeans from here.  I think they are the best fit, style, price, and fabric.  I am hoping the same goes for the uniform pants as well!

*8.  Target/Walmart/Kmart:  All of these stores also carry a uniform line.  I am all about how long pieces will last, and I don't feel they have the best durability, but they are great low cost options! Online I did notice that Target sells from the French Toast Line, so it is repetitive there.  The Target line is from Cherokee which isn't my favorite from Target.

Some Tips!

* I found that by shopping online there are so many more options.
* I am noticing that I am sticking with brands that I know and trust.  I am not branching out too much!
* Comparison shop and wait for sales/coupons!

Also, anyone know what's the best brand, have experience with what/where to buy?  I want to hear from you!  Am I missing any great places to shop?  Comment below!

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