I normally have my blog posts written a few days in advance, I don't have a huge backup of posts, but I try to get them done a 2-3 days before they publish.  It works for me.  

Today, I was going to start doing a monthly favorites.  Talking about my favorite products, toys, foods, whatevers from the previous month.  

But today, I am tired, no exhausted.  And life is only going to get a whole lot busier.  With 2/3 of the kids starting school, the other {this close} to crawling, my husband's work getting significantly busier again.   Yea, this mama is about to get a rude awakening.  No more long, slow, lazy summer days.  No more vacations, weekends as a family with no real plans.  

I go back to chauffeur, chef, tutor, groomer, tball mom, gymnastics mom, PTO vice-president, wife to a very hard working business man.  

So today, I really don't care what my favorite hair product was this month, or what toy my 7 month old chewed on all day.  Today I just want to rest.  

Basically today I am blogging about how I just don't feel like blogging

Thankfully, we are staying in town this week, we thought about making one last trip of the summer, but I am so happy we are home.  I can prepare for the hectic time that I am about to face.  I can rest, play with my kids, get some alone time (hopefully), make some meals in advance, and maybe, just maybe get one morning to sleep in a bit.

Let the back to school madness begin.

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