September Goals

First reviewing my August Goals.  It has been a crazy month, especially this past week. 

{one} Continue budgeting our finances more closely. We realized a few months ago that we were eating out entirely way too often. It really is a huge waste of money, so we redid our budget with big goals over the next year, and I really want to stick with it and save, save, save. 
**I will say that we have done AWESOME at this.  We have been eating out less, and just spending less in general. YAY!

{two} Going along with one, I really need to get back into smart grocery shopping. I am not crazy about coupons, but they can save you money, if you use them (that last part is important!). I always mealplan, but have gotten off my grocery shopping routine.  My goal for August is 2 grocery trips and really sticking to my budget and NOT going to the store in between trips (except for bananas becausewe ALWAYS run out of bananas.)
** I still need to work on the coupon thing, but I went grocery shopping ONE time this month.  I did buy food for Joshua's Baptism, so we used the leftover fruit and veggies from that to make it through to the end of the month, but we did it!!

{three} Give my son an AMAZING 6th birthday, and try to not go cry in a corner all day because I somehow have a six year old.
**Success!! He had a great day, and I am becoming more ok that he is getting older, because this age group is great so far!  

{four} Back to school prep, I don't even really know what the goal for this is, I guess just survive. 
** Not going to lie, I have been STRESSED out.  But I am here, September is here, the first day of school is tomorrow and the kids have all that they need.  So Win, with some bumps along the way!

{five} Make some freezer meals. I am hoping to stock the freezer with easy dinners, and also breakfast items, to make the beginning of the school year easier!
 ** BIG FAT FAIL.  Didn't happen.  

Now onto September.  I love September, getting back into a routine, everything about autumn's arrival makes me happy!

{one} FINISH my home management binder.  Yes, I already have one, but I am in the process of completely making my own.  The printables are taking forever, and it is causing me stress, but I REALLY want to finish it! And share with you all of course!

{two} Get my fall decor up.  I am planning on doing this while Lilly is at her first day of school.  Oh I am so excited for Fall!

{three} Say NO!  Over-scheduling, being a volunteer for anything, helping out with this or that.  I do it all.  While I like it, I need to cut back.  I just don't have the time or energy and it is affecting my family life and home life.  

{four} Spend the time Lilly is in school and Joshua is napping (isn't that nice he naps while she is at school!) being productive.  Cleaning, Laundry, running errands.  Not wasting away that time.

{five} Continue budgeting, not eating out, and just saving money. 

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