Joshua - 8 Months Old

I can't even handle the cuteness in Joshua's 8 month photos.  Each Month these just get more and more fun, and challenging!

Although not crawling yet, he somehow can move himself around every which way.  

Joshua eats anything....I mean ANYTHING we put in front of him.  His favorite is watermelon, he will devour a slice of watermelon, while juices flow down his chin, it is so messy, but also so cute. 

He is starting to make more word sounding noises.  Every time Matthew comes in his sight, he says Brah Brah.  Matthew loves it, and now calls himself Brah Brah.

He is still napping pretty well.  His big, good nap is in the morning, and then a shorter one in the afternoon, that is less predictable.  This week with school starting and having to run here, there and everywhere it has been a bit crazy, he has been napping in the stroller or carrier a lot.  I am hoping things will calm into more of a routine and he will get at least 1 of his naps in his crib without having to be woken everyday.

He is wanting to pull up onto steps or tables or couches constantly, and has had some near death (from the eyes of a mama) experiences while trying this.  Talk about stress.

He now has a witching hour in the evenings, which is so hard to deal with, especially when you are trying to tend to, cook for, pay attention to 2 other kids and a husband.  It is rough, tiring, stressful, frustrating..... but as I have learned in the past, just a phase.  A phase that there isn't much you can do about it, and just get through it.

Although he has these rough patches, he is such a cutie, and those eyes.....well they just melt my heart.

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