Updated Home Management Binder

I am beyond excited to have this project finished.  If I am being completely honest, it was a TON of work.  designing the way I wanted each page, trying to figure out how to create it, and then putting it all together took much longer than I expected.....but, IT'S DONE!!!!

I have been using a home management binder for a few years now, and while I really liked mine, I knew I wanted the pages to be more personalized.  While it is hard to show my actual pages in my book (for privacy reasons, I will go through my tabs.  Also ALL pages are available to download via Google Drive.

The actual binder I have is from Staples, it is part of the Martha Stewart Collection.  The Tabs, Labels, and other elements of the binder are also from that collection.


1. Finances - This section holds all of our bill payment needs.  I use a calender for each month to write out bill due dates.  Once I pay the bill, I write in the check # , and PAID.  Our Yearly Budget and Goals is next, followed by our check register.
Check Register Download                      Yearly Budget Download

2. To-Do - This tab is pretty simple and self-explanatory.  I have a master to-do list printable, and some extra lined paper, again from the Martha Stewart Collection.  It also has my cleaning schedule.

                               To-Do List Download                              A Clean House Download                                                                           

3. Contacts - My complete address book is here, Important Dates, Emergency Contacts (which include Drs, The kids school number and teacher's name, My husbands co-workers, City Important Numbers, Our HOA....) I also keep a running list of online username and passwords.  Lastly in this section, I use a baseball card holder to organize important business cards I keep.

Address Book Download                                       In Case of Emergency Download

4. Meal Planning - Under this tab is my school lunch planner, and pages for weekly meal planning.  I also occasionally print out meal plans, or snack lists I find on Pinterest and store those as well.  A Grocery List Template is stored here too.
 Two Week Meal Planner Download                                      Grocery List Download

5.  Matthew, Lillian, Joshua - Each child has their own tab.  It is hard to show anything from their sections because it is all school info, Doctors papers, you know personal stuff that is important for me to keep close at all times.

6.  Seasonal - Right now, my blog pages are under this tab.  I wasn't really using this tab too often (it does get used throughout the holidays) So for now it has weekly blog planning and an idea page.

 Blog Planner - Ideas Download                           Weekly Blog Posts Download

You can Download all the pages HERE!

I use this binder EVERYDAY.  Some thoughts though....I always keep it at home.  No actual planning is in this book, there is no reason it needs to leave the house.  With such important info, papers, passwords, it is kept safe in our home office area when not being used.  I also don't keep any extremely important papers in.  Birth Certs, SS cards, Baptism Certs, those are all kept in a safe (I plan on sharing that organization soon).  

I will say that this was A LOT of work, but so worth it.  Having pages designed for exactly what I need to fit my family is great.  I am sharing these hoping others will be able to use them as well.  I just ask that if you print, that they are for personal use, and I would LOVE for you to share, or post how you use these, just please link back to my site for some credit....Thanks!

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  1. Nice job! I love how you included a blog planning section too.

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