Story Time

Our bedtime routine always has and always will include reading.  It is my favorite part of the day.  My kids look forward to it.  It is a way for us to unwind as a family, ending our day together.  We have a TON of books.  However, it is always fun to read different things.  Every week we head to the library to pick new books for the week.  We usually come home with around 10 books.  My kids also know that the Scholastic Book Orders and Barnes and Noble are my weakness.  They have figured out that I am a children's book lover, and will never leave the book store without letting them pick a book (terrible, I know!)  So here are a few of our favorite series at the moment.  This list is all over the place because I have a 1st grader, preschool, boy/girl.  They are so great about loving any book.  So Matthew will sit and listen to Pinkalicious, while Lilly has heard her share of superhero stories.

1. The Magic Tree House Series - When we started reading chapter books, I knew this would hold their attention.  They love these books.  We get them from the library and usually get through 1 book every 10 days.  We usually have to reserve the book, because they are so popular.

2. Thomas The Train - We have been reading these books for years.

3. Arthur - Arthur is something I remember reading as a kid.  Although they can be a bit long, the kids love these.

4. Froggy - These are so funny, and so fun to read.  We make funny voices and sounds, we really love these books.

5. Dr. Seuss - I mean no explanation needed.  A Classic.

6. Pete The Cat - If we had to pick one series that is our favorite, this would be it.  Matthew read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes his first week of preschool, and we have been hooked ever since.  We own every book, and now there are even Pete the Cat Easy Readers that are so cute! And they are releasing a new Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving and we can't wait to read it!

7. Curious George - That little monkey is so cute, and hearing my kiddos say "and always very curious" is even cuter!

8. Maisy - These Lucy Cousins books are short, sweet and the perfect before nap time book for us.

9. The Berenstain Bears - I love the message each book has. 

10. Amelia Bedelia - I really like these books, because it keeps the kids on their toes.  They don't "get" all the humor yet, so it can be confusing, but when they do understand it is so cute.  

As you can see we love books around here, and there just isn't enough time or space to talk about them all, as I am just realizing I forgot Franklin, who we LOVE!!!!

Also at the moment Joshua gets his own story time (as he is a bit to wiggly right now) and Our favorites are Baby Einstein Board Books and Sandra Boynton Board Books

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  1. Anonymous26.9.13

    LOVED Amelia Bedelia growing up! This is a great list!