Today seems like the perfect day to join in with Shannon over at Life After I Dew, and say so what to the hot mess that has been my life this here goes!

So What if it is only the end of the second day of school and I am completely and totally exhausted, so what.

So What if I had to say a little white lie to Matthew last night.  He came over after baseball asking if I had seen him slide into home, I didn't see him, but said I did.... The worst part, I was too busy talking to the other baseball moms to see it, or see my daughter rolling in the dirt, so what.

So What, I may be a little too excited for all my favorite tv shows to return in the fall, even though I have no time to watch them, so what.

So What if today I took a nap instead of cleaning my kitchen, which in turn made it impossible to do later in the afternoon with a cranky baby, so I let him completely take over my kitchen, he even chewed on broccoli in the packaging (btw, why the broccoli I bought is in packaging I have no clue), so what.

So What if I have an extra long list of projects to complete while 2/3 kids are in school this fall, and I just know that about 3/4 of just won't get done, for about 5ish years, so what.

Life with three kids just keeps getting crazier by the day, it is NOT easy, but so worth it.

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  1. So there with you! Hope we get to catch up soon!