From One Mom To Another

Today I am SO excited to be a guest on Michelle's blog, The Vintage Apple.  Her From One Mom To Another Series is fantastic, and all the featured mama's are so inspiring, I am happy to share my thoughts today!  So head over and say hello. 

Here's a little peak into what I shared:

"As a mom I often find myself looking at other moms thinking how I would do things differently, ultimately doing the most horrible thing another mom can do, judging others.  It isn't something I am proud of, but hopefully something others can relate to as well.  It is so easy to look blindly at another mom who is spazzing out at her kids in Target, and think "wow, how can she do that?".  But the thing is, a person looking on has NO CLUE what is really going on.  Maybe this particular mother is so stressed because her husband is out of town and has been for a week, and it has been her and her children non-stop that entire time, and she is just over it, and lost her cool.  Little do onlookers know that she will then go home and feel horrible at the way she acted earlier."

....and that hot mess mama in Target may have been me, on more than one occasion.

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