What Joshua Eats - 7 Months

As I have mentioned previously Joshua is now pretty much off of purees.  I still have them in the freezer from the big batch I made before we started solids, so we use them occasionally.  

For the most part I just make sure everything is softened, small pieces, and he is right by me when eating.  That usually means rolling the high chair into the kitchen from the dining room.

So far (fingers crossed) I have gotten lucky, and it has been a really fun, easy transition.  

Here is a list of what he is eating at 7 months.


As I said, I soften hard fruits and veggies in the microwave for a few seconds with a tiny bit of water.  You will notice some items are "foods to avoid".  We have no allergies in our family, I am very careful to watch for any reaction, and would stop if I noticed anything.  Everyone has different preferences and these are ours.  Always talk to your pediatrician if you are unsure what to feed your baby. 

Next I want to start incorporating some eggs and pasta.  

Some great online sources I use to help me out are HERE and HERE

Happy Eating!

**Please don't rely on me for your main source of nutrition advice, I am no expert, I just want to give some examples of what he eats at this stage, it is what works for our family, but may not for yours.** 

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  1. Baby led feeding is the best! Good job mama. He's adorable!