Pantry Organization

Last year, before school started I cleaned out and organized my pantry. You can see the entire post here.  It worked, but I'm not going to lie, the bins got messy.  It was great if they were filled and my kids stayed out of them, but that doesn't work for us. 

I always say that I want an organized home, but I have to find ways to organize that also works for young kids.  I needed a solution, and I am really happy with the new set up!

I started by cleaning out the inside of the pantry.  I just decluttered, and also added a few more containers.  I made the switch and put the cereal in clear containers.  After that was complete I added the door shoe hanger.  I have mentioned so many times, I have a love/hate relationship with this way of organizing, but it works, really well, especially for kids. 

 I love command hooks for hanging brooms.  I also have Matthew's lunchbox hanging as well.  I use these wall mounts to keep foil, parchment paper, and straws in one place.

The door organization is my favorite!  The shoe organizer works really well, and is super easy for the kids to keep neat and organized as well.
These water bottles will not fit standing up in ANY of my cabinets. I Placed them in the top row of the organizer and they fit perfectly.

 I put all of the snacky food items on the bottom rows, in the kids reach. 

I also labeled each pocket.  This may be going overboard, but Matthew can read now, so it makes it nice for him, also when a pocket becomes empty it will be easy for me to see what needs replaced.

I also have 2 pockets with snack items that the kids only get as a reward, or a bribe....yea I said it.  They are more sweet treats like m&ms Dum Dums, fruit snacks....
I finally made the decision to put our cereal in storage containers and get rid of the boxes.  It makes the pantry look so much cleaner.  This works for us because we almost always buy/eat the same cereal all the time.

The main part of the pantry hasn't really changed.  I keep paper products on the top shelf, canned good/pastas and other items on the remaining shelves.  On the floor I still have my drawer organizers (now just keeping extra bags of snacks) 

 As you can see, this really only took me an afternoon to do, I spend maybe $30.00 total and I think it looks pretty good! 

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