Trendy Tot Tuesday: Back To School Shopping

Ever have one of those completely awesome, have to leave the mall before you go in all the stores because you are finding so much, kind of days?  That happened this weekend.  It seems like it is all or nothing when I shop.  I am glad it worked out.  Best part of the day, well other than the deals, was I got to go solo, no kids, no husband.  By. My. Self.

I know I am a complete nut, but I love coming home getting everything out, going through it, having the kids try on, taking off tags and hanging it neatly in their closets....wierdo, I know!

I only ended up in 4 stores I think, at gap I got 14 items (including a pair of jeans for myself) for $100.  I mean that is pretty good.

Left: New Jacket for Matthew (I love TJ Maxx when I can go alone and have time to look!
Right: A Tiny Sneak peak at Lillian's first day of school dress.  I have her first week of school outfits picked out already, and she doesn't start for 2 more weeks.
Some of my favorite finds:
Under Armor via TJ Maxx $14.00
Gap Outlet pink heart pants
Carters Sunglasses $2.00
Gap Outlet Heart Peplum Sweater

{My Little helper putting away clothes this weekend, his new favorite activity tearing apart and making a mess of anything!}

Lastly a final summer OOTD for Lillian.  Yesterday we went to Toddler Time at our local museum, and hit up the playground after.  As you can see she loves her new shades already. 
Anchor Shirt and Shorts: Carters via Kohls / Bow: Unbowlievable / Bracelet: Carters / Shoes: Unknown

Once again I am linking up with MeganKelly, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!


  1. Holy cow Mama, you are the best shopper ever! I love TJMaxx too! But you're so right, you have to really search. Love that anchor outfit too!

  2. Looks like you found some great things!! I love pulling out all the new clothes too haha :-)

  3. I'm the same way! I go through things over and over again when I get home! I get SO excited! We hit the outlets yesterday and I now have all of Noelle's clothes through next summer! It's out of control! I can't fit one more hanger in her closet! I have got to stop!

  4. Oh and Noelle also has the anchor outfit and I had to pass on that gap heart outfit cause seriously she has more winter outfits than she can possible even wear! Great minds think alike!