Kid Bedroom Organization

Having 2 children share a room, no matter how big the room, or how young the kids, can get messy. Really any kid room is a very tricky thing to organize. You want the room to be clean and neat, but also functional for the child, it is their room after all. Here are some things I do to make my kids rooms, organized, but also kid friendly.

I say you can never have enough bins or containers.  I love these / these from JJ Cole Collections, and these from Target.  Everything has a "home" and even my 4 and 6 year old know where everything belongs.

I know this isn't an option for everyone, but if you have another room for playing, I would consider doing that.  Of course I have some space to play, and the kids are allowed to play in their rooms as they please, but I do limit the amount of toys upstairs.


These systems really work for us.  I still need to finish the file bins (labeling them and tabbing each grade) and will share more detail about them later.   Also the under the bed storage bins are great for anything really.  I use them for keepsakes, but they can be used for clothing, blankets....the list goes on.  I actually have some of these under my bed, one for wrapping paper/gift products the other for Christmas tags/tissue paper/ribbon.

For me what works is more bins.  Lillian's clothes we hand down to a niece, so as soon as I realize they are to small I throw them in the bin that is in the bottom of there closet, and once the bin is full I pack up the clothes for my sister-in-law.  Matthew's clothes we are saving for JD so once his bin is full we pack them up for our attic.  JD's clothes automatically get packed up for my sister-in-law also.  Clothes can get really overwhelming if they start piling up!

Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for a video walking you though my kids rooms in more detail. 

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