Closet Update

I knew once getting pregnant that I wanted to add more storage options in the kids closet. Since one kid bedroom is bigger than the other, we knew before the sex was determined that the bigger bedroom would have the baby and sibling that matched genders. So we were able to redo the closet before we found out the sex, then added the bins once knowing pink or blue. I am so happy with how it turned out.

 I don't have before pics, but we tore out everything and started with a completely empty space.

Here is the finished product.
The top will have all of Joshua's clothing.  Also above is a shelf (that is hard to reach) that has blankets and extra sheets.

All the bins are JJ Cole Collection found online at 

The bottom hanging sections are for Matthew.  I love that he can now reach his own clothing, because he dresses himself, but still needed my help to get the clothes down.  Under the clothes on this side is a hamper. 
The other side has more clothes, and a bin that I put clothes that are too small in.  Once I realize something is too small, I wash it, then when putting clothes away it goes into the bin.  Once the bin is full I label it and it gets sent to the attic. 
The small bins have receiving blankets, baby shoes, toys, and anything else that I have started stocking up on.  Right now there are also bottles, monitors and toys stored as well, but those things will find new homes closer to baby's arrival.

It is pretty cool that I started with the drawing below, and my wonderful husband made it into exactly what I wanted!


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