A New Love In My Life

.....my mini-van.  We knew once getting pregnant that my tiny Hyundai Accent would no longer fit our growing family.  My husband wanted a big SUV.  I did not.  I eventually want to switch back to an SUV but with a 5 year old (who just learned to buckle and unbuckle himself, and a three year old who cannot unbuckle herself, that me climbing in the back would get annoying fast.

We looked and compared vans, when we started it was between the Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona, and the Honda Oddessey.  We ruled out the Sedona pretty quick, we have a Kia Sorento that we LOVE so thought we would research it, but right away knew it wasn't for us.  I thought the Sienna was what I wanted but couldn't pass up the deal we got on the Oddessey.

We have only had it for about a month, but already know what I love and dislike about it.

1.The automatic sliding rear doors.  I mean it is fantastic.  
2. I love that it seats 8 if needed.  I thought I didn't want that because I had it in my head that the 8th seat wouldn't be able to hold an 80lb person, but I was wrong, there is plenty of space between the carseats for grandma!
3.  I love all the space.  It is such a difference from my small car.  It is great.
4.  The back seat windows have sunshades built in.  So no buying the ones from the store that you have to stick to the window, these slide up and hook in, or you can slide them down and not use them.

1.  I don't like that their isn't any room for storage under the seats.  I was looking forward to using bins to organize under each middle seat, but that just won't work.
2.  I don't like that when I have a stroller in the back (which is always) their isn't much trunk space.  I have some space for an organization bin, but that is about it.  No room for groceries.

Below are photos of how and what I am organizing in my van so far.  

1. Glove Box.  I have all the car information, a first aid kit with all the essentials, and I have my IPhone charger.  

2. Center Console.  This is my mommy bin.  I have deodorant, lotion, a hairbrush and hair ties, mints, wet ones.  The kids DVD players and cords are also stored in here (we only pull them out for long road trips, but it is nice keeping them in the car, just in case!)

3.  Between the kids.  Right now I have a bin that I purchased from The Container Store, it has some books, dvds, small toys.  It is great while sitting at the kiss and ride at my sons school.  My daughter sits and reads books instead of whining that it is taking too long.

4.  Under the Passenger Seat.  I have two containers....like I said earlier there isn't much space, and these slide around a lot (need to find a solution to that).  Anyway, 1 holds drinks (water bottles, and juice) and the other has snacks (things that won't go bad in the car, goldfish, vanilla wafers, granola bars, lollipops)  These have already come in very handy for when I forget something.  **The other day I had to make an unexpected trip to the Dr.  and dropped my kids off at Daddy's work, I didn't have any food on me, so this was a lifesaver.

5.  Trunk.  I have a picnic blanket, I love that it zips up neatly (similar), Stroller (Baby Trend Expedition), Grocery Bags, a bin that holds a change of clothes and a jacket for each child, a jacket for me, and sunscreen/bug spray.  Matthew's baseball bag.  On the side is the portable potty (this is a must have item for me!), bags, changing pad, wipes, and garbage bags.

I am sure the organizational needs will change with what season it is, and once the baby is here, but for now I am happy with it.  I really want to add a label maker in there, but am afraid of what my husband will say....I just always feel like there is something I am forgetting to put a label on, and hate doing it with marker.


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