Happy Fall!

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Our first Day of Fall didn't feel like fall at all.  It was very warm, and we spent the day at the baseball fields, first for team photos then Matthew's tball game.  I actually got sunburn!  Then that evening we went to Sweet Frog for Ice Cream.  A very Summer like day for us.

With the arrival of Fall we are settling into our new routine.  Matthew is in school all day during the week, we have evening activities, and I have classes and play dates with Lilly.  Things are more busy than they have ever been, but I am enjoying it.  I have always looked forward to this time in my kids life, where I become more of a taxi driver.  I am looking forward to all that fall has to offer, the pumpkin patches, cooler days and chilly nights, preparing more for the arrival of Joshua, and the holidays.



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