5 On Friday

Today I am linking up with Darci, Natasha, Christina, and April for 5 on Friday!  I am so happy it's finally Friday.  Now if it would only bring some rain with it to cool things off during this terrible heat wave, I would be a happy girl.

{1} Yesterday I made a Target trip for some yogurt for the kids and of course came home with things that were not on my list (why does this happen every time?!?)  Anyway, The dollar section did it again, they have switched to classroom/back to school mode and I found some cute things for the playroom and some more workbooks to get us through summer, at $1 each, you can't beat it!  My new favorite pens are the steadtler fine point pens, and I FINALLY found a small pack that has 2 shades of purple.  Add in a Cherry Coke, and I call that a successful trip.

{2}  Yesterday was library day, our library is so nice, and a newer toy they have is a puppet show stage....how cute are my boys, Matthew putting on a show for his baby brother.

{3} Like I said it has been horribly hot out this week, which called for ice cream before lunch.  This is also currently my favorite outfit on Lilly. 

{4}  Ok, so I have been noticing JD looking more and more like his big brother, I I had to pull out an old (if 5ish years is considered old) photo to compare.... Matthew on the left and JD on the right..... Can we all agree that they are pretty much identical, and if JD grows up looking like his big bro that would be fine by me, I have a pretty handsome almost 6 year old if you ask me!

{5}Speaking of my awesome 6 year old.  He is really into the show Wipeout right now.  TBS happens to run reruns of it during the little kids nap time, and he thinks it is hilarious.  Now though he is starting to create wipeout zones in our playroom.  It is really cute, and can keep both kids occupied for hours, but also a bit scary!  The obstacle courses throughout my playroom remind me that sometimes just playing at home is just as fun for them as going on a big fancy play date.


  1. Target gets me every time, too!! At least you stuck to the dollar bins...I call that a success ;) Love that place!

  2. Ice cream for lunch sounds awesome right about now! It has been so hot here!

  3. Every time I go to Target I come home with things not on my list. It's a problem. :)

    Have a great weekend.