Confession : My Camera LIES!

SO here's the thing, I love taking photos.  I love using them in blog posts, but my camera lies.  The photos I take are of what I want people to see.  Real Life = A mess, most of the time.  Before I take photos of a project, child or activity, I take a look around, make sure there isn't a mess, whether it be on my living room floors, or kids faces.  

 Today  I am here to prove my point: 

{This is my dining room at 2pm, hours after lunch, and yep that is still all the lunch dishes on the table, capped off with a sippy cup and crumbs on the floor}

{One of the reasons the dishes are on the dining room table, because this is my kitchen sink.  #HomemakerFail}

{I do love organization and planning on paper, but this month, it hasn't gone too well.  There is NOTHING filled on for 3 weeks out of the month....and no we haven't done nothing all month long, maybe next month.}

{Above that would be my coat closet, the left photo, that would be today, and the right was just weeks ago when I did a blog post update with my new changes....HA}

{This was my "get through" pile during nap time, and 2 hours later still sitting there.... untouched.}

Lastly, I have stepped on more damn baby puffs today than I'd like to admit, it actually makes me contemplate getting a dog, just to go around cleaning up the food left on the I don't have to....

Life isn't perfect, my house is Definitely NOT perfect, my kids aren't perfect, and most of all I am not perfect.  Not. Even. Close.

The only perfect thing in my life, my husband ;)


  1. Oh my word, I love this post! My house is kind of a mess at all times. Love how you are keeping it real!

  2. I think you just told the story of all of our lives.
    ~FringeGirl (