52 Weeks of Blogging - Week 3 - 5 Years From Now

Today I am continuing a wonderful series hosted by one of my favorite blog reads, From Mrs. To Mama

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Today's Topic - - 5 Years from Now.

I always dislike these prompts....1,5,10 years from now....I come up with these great goals, plans and dreams that obviously never turn out exactly how I envision them. 

First I look back 5 years to see how far we've come, because you even though my perfect little life goals in my head never become real, it seems to become so much better.

5 years ago I was 21.  You know that wild and crazy age of drinking, late nights, bars, boys.   Well I guess I had the late nights and boys.  2 boys to be exact.  My husband of a year, and our almost 1 year old baby boy, and well the late nights, I can thank him for those!

Now the present I have a wonderful growing family.  The third child I was unsure if I could convince my husband to have, a home I thought we could never afford to buy (DC cost of living, you suck!), and a completely chaotic, crazy, hectic, wonderful life.

So, 5 years from now.......I will be 31.  THIRTY ONE!  wow. 

I will have an almost 11 year old (is that right? again, wow.) A 9 year old and a 5 1/2 year old. 

I hope to still be a stay at home mom.  I hope to be out of our current house, and into more of our forever house.  I hope most of all that I am still raising great, healthy, smart, happy kids.  I hope my husband and I still have as much love for each other as we do today, and as much bickering too! 

I am not necessarily hoping we are still in NoVA, but I can't imagine us not being here. 

I hope Matthew still has a love for competition, athletics, and reading.

I hope Lilly mellows out a bit, but not to much, a little sass never hurt anyone.

I hope Joshua still has his amazing blue eyes, and melt your heart smile. 

Most of all, I hope we are happy.  No matter where we are living, I hope that we still all enjoy the time we spend together, and are just.....happy.

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  1. loved your look back ...then your look forward..