Keys to a Great Family Vacation

1.  A FANTASTIC view.

{A View of the Pier}
{A View of the Sea}
{The Ocean View from our house}

2.  A porch with rocking chairs to sit and watch the sunset.

3. Relaxing afternoons by the pool.

4. Throwing water balloons at Daddy, obviously!

5.  More fun by the pool.

6. Lots of Naps

7.  Great Food

8. Even Better drinks!

 9. A Happy baby who was SOOO good all week long.

10.  A week full of family time without anything else getting in the way!

This was our second year staying in the same house in the Outer Banks.  We had a wonderful week.  Of course now we are back home and I feel like I have to much to unpack and accomplish this week.  Oh how I wish we had like a million extra dollars laying around so we could buy a home there.  It is so relaxing and amazing. 

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