What's In My Diaper Bag

I have now been my new Diaper Bag for 6 months. So I thought today I would do a review and a What's In My Diaper Bag. For a more in depth look, head over to My YouTube Channel and check out my latest video! 

A few weeks before JD was born, I finally after months of searching decided on a bag.  I went with the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.  The style is the Sashay Satchel.  I got a simple black bag.  

I love how sleek and un diaper bag like it looks.  I got my bag at Nordstrom, but have seen them so many places online. 

I also purchased the stroller clips (which you can see hanging on the side in the photo above)  I keep them on the bag, because it is too hard to keep them attached to the stroller and clip them in every time. 

Here is everything that was in my bag.  I usually pack pretty light, with just the necessities.  I usually throw in a sun hat as well, but for some reason it was missing.  Also missing from this pic are my car keys. 

The bag also comes with a wipes case and diaper changing pad.  I don't use these items with the bag, but did save them to use when we travel.  I use disposable changing pads when I need to change in public, and I use travel size wipes.  

Today I am linking up with Trendy Tot Tuesday!  

Although this isn't my typical post for Trendy Tot, I decided that a good, stylish diaper bag is a necessity for any mom!  


  1. Love that diaper bag! I love diaper bags that look more like hand bags!

  2. That's a cute bag! I need a new one for this baby, but haven't found the perfect one yet! I need a big one because our bag is already jam packed and my toddler will be sharing it with the baby!