52 Weeks Of Blogging With A Purpose : If I Could Turn Back Time

 Today I am once again linking up with Becky, for 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose, I love this series, the topics are great!  Anyway, this weeks topic is "If I Could Turn Back Time (And Do Something Over)".

 At first I wasn't going to participate this week.  Looking back and wanting to change things....it isn't really my thing.  Anyone's life could be so different based on 1 decision.  DO I sometimes think how different things would be if we had gotten married, saved up a ton of money, bought our dream house, then had kids.... yea, I do.  But I wouldn't trade our life, our kids, or situation for anything....a bigger nicer house, and a stocked up bank account would be nice though!

So Anyway, yea, what were we talking about?!?  Turning back time and changing things.  I wouldn't change anything major, or drastic.  But I would capture my life differently.  

I love my blog, I have a record written out since March 2007.  That is a long time.  My first few years of blogging my platform was different.  It was a live journal, documenting the first months of marriage, the weeks leading up to the arrival of our son, living in a new place.  I love looking back and just reading for hours.  I have millions of photos.  I have scrapbooks, photo albums, them stored on disks, online, on computers.  One thing I wish I had.  Video.  I wish we would have recorded moments, to watch back when our kids are older.  Sit around on a rainy day and laugh for hours.
The irony of this entire thing.... Videography is part of my husband's job.  Working at our college tv station is actually how we met.  We have access to the best camera's available.  Yet, we have ZERO minutes of our life on tape.  

I wish we would have taped more, but then I guess there is always someone behind the camera, not living in that moment, but instead recording it....so I guess it has it's trade offs. 
If I could Turn Back Time {And Do Something Over}
If I could Turn Back Time {And Do Something Over}

Looking at the few short clips of things I do have make me want to start recording more....because they grow so quick and sometimes pictures don't even capture their cuteness enough.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! We are having a baby in a few months, and to be honest, I didn't even realize that we should try to take videos too when this baby comes, thanks for sharing!