JD - 6 Month Update

I CANNOT believe we are already at 6 Months.  Why oh why does time have to go so quickly!  This has been a big month baby boy.  You not only are half way through your first year, this month you also went to the beach for the fist time, got your hair trimmed by Mommy, goodbye Mohawk!   And just recently started solid foods.  Let my tell you, the food thing, you LOVE it.  You have tried carrots, sweet potato, squash, pear, apple, and banana..... all made by Mommy, and all devoured by you.  I really love making baby food, and am excited to continue and make more.

You can also see by the photos that you are now sitting on your own as well!  Your brother and sister really enjoy being able to play with you while you are sitting more at their level.

Another big step is that your first little tooth came through!  It was actually the day you turned 6 months!  There was minimal "teething" symptoms, just that morning while you insisted on sticking my finger in your mouth, I felt it.

 As far as stats, we were at the doctor yesterday and my not so little guy is growing great.  He is now 18lbs 12oz and 28in long!  His length is in the 92%...... so there are no worries there!

It is so fun to continue to see you grow and change.  We are all so in love with you, big guy!

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