A Simple Sunday

Yesterday we had the perfect day.  Sometimes I forget how the simplest things, can make for the perfect day.

Our day started off with all three kids behaving through Mass, if that isn't a sign of a good day to come, I don't know what is.

We got home from church, changed into our suits and headed to the spray playground for the day.

This playground is one of my favorites, but it's a bit of a drive from our house, so we don't go too often.  It has a sprayground area, playground, sand area, picnic tables, tennis/basketball courts, and the bonus, bathrooms AND it's in the SHADE! 

Also look at JD actually participating in the playing and eating, where did my baby go?!?!?! 

It was the perfect summer weekend, and if your local check out Hayes Park in Arlington, It's so fun!

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