Midweek Concessions - Baby Food Talk

Today I am linking up with the always funny Elizabeth for some midweek confessions!!

Today I am focusing my confessions on a new found love of my 6 month old.... baby food!! 
JD loves food more than any of my other children.  Pretty much anything we have put into his mouth he has LOVED!  There are some Mommy moments I have had though, where I know some crazy mama would be judging if she saw....

1.  I make all my baby food.  This is no real confession.  The reason why may be though.  I would love to write that I make his food because I know it is the best for him, no sugars, no salt....yada yada yada.... um no.  (Those are all great reasons, but not my main reason for doing it)  I think deep down I make his baby food out of guilt.  Long story short here, I had a very traumatic experience trying to breastfeed my (now) 6 year old when he was born, that I didn't even attempt with Lilly or Joshua.   Yep, bottle day one without even giving it a chance. (that could be a entire post on it's own) Anyway, I think I feel like I am somehow making it better by making his baby food, and it is something that I can do without completely driving myself into tears and horrible thoughts of jumping out windows (yes it was that bad!)

2.   I also am taking more of a Baby Led Weaning approach this time around.  The kid loves tomatoes, asparagus, avocado, and while that is great and all I would be lying if I said he hasn't given me a heart attack while gagging (that just sounds better than choking) on his food.  

{Disclaimer: my son is not choking, gagging is totally normal, it just still makes me nervous. He has a tooth, and is actually learning to chew really well already, so please no crazy lady eyes judging me, k Thanks!~}

3.  My son is already almost 19lbs....he is 6 months.  Matthew wasn't 19lbs until like his 1st birthday....smh

4.  Some of the food I puree is just nasty, it makes me want to vomit.  Like pureed green beans....yuck!

5.  Lastly, my six month old decided today while I was wearing him, that he should taste my raspberry lemonade sherbet / vanilla twist cone (btw, best ice cream ever!)  I didn't even notice at first, but then he would scream anytime I took a lick, so I gave him a few finger tastes of it.... after his next bottle he totally spit up raspberry lemonade sherbet / vanilla twist ice cream on me....#momoftheyear 


  1. I love this... And, I for one, am TOTALLY impressed that you make your own babyfood! You are doing great momma!

  2. I've always thought it would be so cool (and nutritious obv.) to make your own baby food, plus instant cost saver! A little cone never hurt anybody!