Baby Food Storage - Tips and Tricks

Since Joshua turned 6 months old, we started him on solids, which he LOVES!  I do homemade purees, mixed with a bit of baby led weaning, and add in some store bought packaged stuff for when we are out of town or my hubby is in charge of a meal.

So organizing all of this "stuff" has taken me a bit of time.  My first "baby station" is the cabenit seen below.  Joshua is formula feeding, I keep all of his bottle needs here.  Formula, room temperature water (which we refill the jugs from our filtered fridge water) snack puffs, and yogurt melts. pouch style pre-made baby food (I use Gerber Organic), containers of baby foods, I stack these with veggies on top and fruit underneath.  Also I keep bowls that are specifically for Joshua's baby food in here as well, so they don't get mixed up with other kid bowls used for crackers, cereal, ice cream.

Another "baby station" is in my freezer.  I have a side by side LG fridge/freezer so there isn't a ton of space.  I have 1 dedicated shelf to frozen purees.  I use a gallon size Ziplock bag, 1 each for fruits and vegetables,  Inside I put a quart size bag that contains the cubes of food.  I label the quart size bag with the contents and the date (I write small so I can cross it off, wash the bag. and reuse.  The other half of this shelf is used for my freezing molds.  I found these at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I think it is the perfect way to portion out the purees.

If you are interested in how I organize my other kids kitchen items check out my YouTube channel for a video walking you through my kitchen organization. 

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