The Nursery

We have a three bedroom home, so we knew going into this pregnancy that room sharing would happen.  Here is how we have set up a nursery along with our 5 year olds room. 

First is the crib area.  We didn't change much of the decor, we kept with the train theme, and same colors, so there wasn't much work to do.

 This is the view walking into the room.  Hidden behind the crib is a 6 drawer dresser. 
My 5 year old sleeps on the top bunk, and the bottom is unused for now, but will be perfect in a few years!
 This unit houses all of our books that belong upstairs.  It is a much cleaner looking way to store them, and so much easier for the kids to help clean up.  Under the bottom bunk is also a storage tub for each child.  It keeps things like the baptism gowns, scrapbooks, baby book.  All the special stuff.
 Play area, and a toy box.  Right now the toy box is practically empty.  We don't keep a lot of toys in the kids rooms.
 Prints from Etsy. 
 And the big project which was the closet.  We completed it back in the fall and I still LOVE it.  You can read more about it HERE.

 We decided to go without the changing table this time around.  We were going to put a pad on the dresser, but for now we are going to try to do without it.  Here is an area with all the diapering needs.
 Matthew has 3 drawers in the dresser, and the baby has the other 3.  Here is how they are organized.  The top is newborn outfits, socks, hats and misc.  items.
 The second drawer is 0-3 month white onsies and 0-3 month sleepers.
 And the bottom is 0-3 month regular onsies, and 0-3 month pants.  The rest in in the closet.  I already have 3-6 months sorted out and in a bin under the bottom bunk, ready to put in drawers when needed.

 I am very happy with how the room turned out, and am hoping the transition is an easy one for my 5 year old.