Our First Snow Day

1/2 to maybe 1 inch of snow fell through the overnight hours.  Here in NoVA, that calls for a snow day of course.....this girl who grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania finds this to be crazy!  It is our first snow of the year, and our first snow day, actually this is our first snow day ever. 

It was so nice to sleep in (we first got the call at about 6am for a 2 hour delay, I was up feeding Joshua anyway) and then around 8:30 got the update that school was closed.

Right away we I got out of bed, Matthew and Lilly were playing in their rooms. (yes we I was still in bed at 8:30)  The kids were ready to play in the snow.  I spent 20 minutes getting them bundled up, for them to spend about 15 minutes outside before they had pretty much melted all the snow on our patio! 


I spent those wonderful 15 minutes, having some tea, watching my big kids out the window, and watching my little one sleep through all the excitement.

Then we got unbundled, and redressed, and warmed up with french toast for breakfast. 

 Now it is back to regularly scheduled programming around here.... laundry, playing, dishes, cooking....

and hopefully more of this all day long.


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