The Hospital Bag

As I prepared for my 3rd c-section delivery, and the 2nd scheduled, I knew when starting to pack to keep it simple. I know the things I will use, and the things I can do without for a few days. Obviously the items people take are different based on their preferences, but this is what I am taking.

For me, I know I will not be laboring, so I don't need anything for that time period.  I will however, be in the hospital for at least 2 nights (really hoping for only 2).

1.  Toiletries.  Travel size of everything.  Shampoo, face wash, toothbrush/toothpaste, mouthwash, cleansing wipes for the first night when I am still confined to a bed.  I also have my make-up bag with a few items.

2.  Clothes.  I try to not over pack.  I have a pair of pajamas, 1 going home outfit (I will also have the outfit I am wearing to to the hospital which will include a fleece jacket), 2 tank tops, socks, sports bras, underwear.

3.  Hairties, clips and a headband.

1.  I keep my little ones in the hospital supplied clothing until leaving, so all I have is 1 complete outfit, and a sleeper.  1 of which he will wear home.

2.  A big blanket for the car ride home, and a muslin swaddler.  

3.  My Ipad, phone, a charger.  I also need to add my wallet which has all my insurance info, and some cash.  

4.  A hat, some socks and the kind of pacifier we want to use.  

5.  The Boppy pillow, which was so nice for holding the baby the first few days when I am either not mobile or trying to be as sensitive to my abdomen as possible.

In my last bag, I have my big camera, and gifts for big brother and big sister from the new baby.  There is extra space in this bag to add things in as needed.

Some items I will be adding before we leave.
-my life planner and a pen/pencil (not sure if I will use it, but it goes everywhere with me)
- a hairbrush
- my husband will be packing some clothes in the suitcase as well.  He will also be taking his laptop/computer bag which is why I won't be taking one myself, I can just use his.

Some items I am leaving at home on purpose.
-My own just is another thing to remember, so I will just stick with the ones provided. 
-snacks/other items for my offense, but he can fend for himself!

Also I know that if I forget something, I can either have my parents bring it to the hospital when they visit (they are staying at our house with the older siblings) or I can do without it for a few days.

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  1. I was so thankful for my fuzzy socks - hospitals are always so cold!

    Can't believe that you're packing your bag already, I feel like you just announced that you were expecting! Time flies (especially when it isn't you that is pregnant!)