2 Weeks.

The first two weeks ok actually like 2 months of having a newborn always turn into a blur for me.  From sleepless nights, having house guests, to more laundry, a recovering body it goes by without even realizing it.

This past week we spent most of our days at the pediatrician's office checking JD's weight.  He eats wonderfully, but loves to sleep and often will sleep through feedings.  The nurses think his birth weight must have been off, or he had a lot of extra fluid at birth.  He was 8lbs 14oz, and fell at his lowest to 7lbs 12oz.  He is now beginning to gain slowly, and is at 8lbs even.  So this HUGE baby that everyone was predicting just isn't so. 

Other than daily trips to the doctors, this week we have once again just hung out at home.  My parents headed home, and were replaced by my in-laws.  My kids are loving all the extra attention they are getting, and I am loving the help. 

Starting today I am back on my own, and our new routine is starting.

As far as sleep is concerned, it is going pretty well.  Joshua is waking up twice in the middle of the night.  Once he eats and falls back asleep, the second feeding he eats and then wants to be awake, with a light on, and having someone stare at him.  He is cute and all, but at 4am I would hope to sleep instead of stare into his beautiful big blue eyes.

Lilly is still a very excited, and very helpful (note the sarcasm) all the time!  There is no doubt that she loves the new addition to our family.  Matthew is less interested, but I do catch him talking about all the things he is going to do with him when he is bigger.  And that's ok, that is how his Daddy is too, newborn babies just aren't there thing.

This third week is going to be a real look into our new life with our new little one.  Back to appointments, library days, school drop-offs and pick-ups.  Also getting Matthew and Lilly back into a regular routine, with our rules and less spoiling from grandparents (I get it, that is their job!)  I am hoping to just juggle it all and not drop the ball.

It is safe to say that we have fallen completely in love, and even in the chaos wouldn't want things any other way!


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