I Can't Slow Down Time, No Matter How Hard I Try.

 During every midnight feeding, frustrating moment, and uncontrollable crying session I just remember that although those moments seem to last for hours, the years pass in the blink of an eye....

 When I look at photos of my older kids as newborns, it seems like yesterday in a lot of ways, but also feels like a lifetime ago.  Knowing this is my last baby I am trying to soak it in as much as possible.  But this being my 3rd, I also know that no matter how much you say that, it is never enough, and it always goes by way too quickly.

 As a mom time really does pass at twice the speed as everyone else.  One of my goals for the new year is to slow down, and although I am such a planner/type A person I am going to not wish away any day/week looking forward to something more important or better.  I am going to see each day for what it is, another day to spend with my children who will ultimately grow up too fast.


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