Sibling Love

Last week I was finally able to take some photos of the kids all together.  Looking at these really makes it set in that I am now a mom of 3.

It is a lot of work right now.  Getting adjusted to having a newborn again, while helping with homework, and entertaining a 3 year old.  Dinnertime looks like a looney bin in our is CHAOS!  I swear Joshua always has to eat at that time, Matthew and Lilly are hungry, my husband is is tiring!
Lilly still takes any opportunity to hug and kiss on her baby brother.  She is so enthusiastic about him.  It is adorable, but also overwhelming.  She is so sweet with him though, and it melts my heart.

Matthew is becoming more engaged in his brother.  Matt and I figured that would happen, once all the company left, he was ready to hold him, and talk to him. 

Being a mom of 3 is going to take some getting used to, but it is so worth it, and I can't wait to see all my children grow and play together.


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