What I Loved About 2012

For What I'm Loving Wednesday I am taking a look back on all the wonderful moments I loved about 2012.  For the most part it was a pretty relaxed uneventful year, but a wonderful one.

Matthew graduated from preschool and moved on to Kindergarten, which he is LOVING, and doing AWESOME! 

 He also started playing Tball in the spring and again in the fall, which has been a lot of fun.

Lilly is still home with me all day, and we are enjoying our time together while Matthew is in school.

The big news of the year, came in May when we found out we are expanding our family!  With only a few days until his arrival we are all very excited!
from our 8 week ultrasound, which seems like forever ago.

As a family we have grown so much this year.  As the kids get older things get easier, and we are so blessed.  We took some fun trips through the year, but our favorite is our now (hopefully) yearly vacation to the Outer Banks.

Once Fall hit, the rest of the year seemed to fly by.  We had Superheros for Halloween, and then spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas here at home (since I was too pregnant to travel) which was quiet but nice.

 Christmas Morning

 We have had a wonderful year, but of course are excited and looking forward to the days ahead when we add baby Joshua to our family, and the fun the first year is with a baby.


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