Joshua's Birth Day.

January 6th 2013, at 10:43am we welcomed another handsome baby boy into our family.  Being a scheduled birth we had everything planned out, so there was no chaos, no crazy birth story, it was a very calm wonderful experience.

I got checked in, all prepped and the only real issue was the anesthesiologist having to place the spinal twice, yes TWICE.  That was no fun, but of course it was worth it when we met him.....

The surgery and recovery went really well.  The OR really freaks me out, and gives me such anxiety, so I felt much more at ease when we got wheeled into the recovery room.  At that point I was just excited to meet our baby boy.  I got to see him in the OR, but because of my anxiety issues they pretty much knocked me out right after he arrived. 

Then we were sent to our room.  It was cozy, small and dimly lit, the perfect location for us to bond with our new little one for the next few days.

{flowers from my husbands employer and some from my husband}

Then when his temp was back up after bathing him, they brought in Joshua.  By the time he arrived in the room, Matthew, Lilly and my parents were minutes away from arriving.  I was of course excited to introduce the kids to their new brother.

Matthew was a little reluctant at first, but Lilly, went into big sister mode right away.  She actually was the one to feed him his first bottle.  She is so loving and sweet with him.  

 I got my epidural out as soon as they would let me, and out of bed as soon as possible as well.  Our total hospital stay was about 50 hours total.  Pretty good for a c-section delivery.  We are very fortunate to not have any complications, and another happy, healthy baby!

This whole week we have had visitors/help at home, and that will continue through next week.  Things are going well, other than daily trips to the pediatricians office trying to get our little guy to stop loosing weight. 

As far as postpartum, I am feeling really great, and having a hard time reminding myself to take it easy.  I am enjoying the help/company of family, but am also looking forward to settling back into a routine.

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