Postpartum Cravings?!?

Everyone knows about pickles and ice cream during pregnancy, and most who have been pregnant have some crazy craving at one point or another, I myself have always craved pineapple and gross fast food.  But I also have had  what I have named postpartum cravings.  After having each of my children I have craved 1 food that I ate non-stop during my hospital stays. 

With Matthew it was gross hospital cafeteria hamburgers.... just the thought of it now makes my stomach turn.  I ate them for all 6 lunches and dinners I ate after having him.....blah I am actually disgusted just typing that!  Not just the fact that I ate 6 hamburgers in 3 days, but also that they were from a hospital cafeteria, we aren't even talking high class Five Guys (the original location being miles from the hospital I delivered). 

With Lillian after my c-section which was at 8am I was on liquid diet for almost 24 hours.  My craving choices were a bit limited, but the hospital had the most fantastic Popsicles.  I had to have eaten 50 in that 24 hour time frame, and then once I could eat a normal diet, I STILL chose popsicles.  Maybe I was still full from all the hamburgers from the last go

This hospital stay I was in a new hospital, one which had a very crappy menu to chose from, so I made my husband go out to get most of my meals.  Luckily the hospital is adjacent from a very large Town Centre and had many options. I made my husband go to Chipotle for nacho chips 4 times!  I didn't have him get burrito bowls or tacos, just the chips, no cheese or salsa, just plain chips.

So am I alone in this confession of odd postpartum cravings, and a loon, or is this a common thing?

I only wonder now, what my crazy mind would come up with if we were to have any more children....


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