JD - 1 Week

On Tuesday (Jan 8th) we were discharged and on our way home.  The first day/night went really well, and we were feeling really lucky that we had a baby that LOVES to sleep.  We were getting 4 hour stretches the first 2 nights and feeling very rested.
 {He HATED the hat, almost as much as he hated the car seat.}

Thursday (Jan 10th) was an appointment to check his temperature and weight.  He was 8lbs 14oz at birth, 8lbs 4oz when we left the hospital, but at the appointment was down to 8lbs.  He was eating, peeing, and stooling well, so there wasn't much concern.  We did have to make another appointment to check weight gain again the next day. 
{All dressed and ready for the ride home}

 {finally settled into his seat and fell asleep}

After another 2 appointments we are still trying to work out the weight issues and are feeling on schedule waking every 2 hours....so much for feeling rested.  Waking him to eat is so frustrating because I KNOW he would sleep well if we weren't waking him. 

{waking on a schedule through the night is NO FUN.....}

Hopefully the issue will be sorted out as we are off to the doctor again today.  Until then we are waking to feed and still documenting all feedings and diapers.

Other than being at the doctors all week not much else has been happening.  We still have family in town for another week, then real life with 3 kids sets in.  We also took our first trip yesterday to somewhere other than the pediatricians office.

 {All 3 kids in the van for the first time}

We headed out for frozen yogurt on Sunday after lunch.  The place was packed so we ended up having to eat it in the car, which the kids thought was so cool.... they NEVER get to eat in the van.

{Frozen Yogurt with Grandma}

The first week has been overall pretty chill.  Getting into the swing of things and dividing myself to give all 3 the attention they deserve is going to take some getting used to, but I also have to remember that I am healing from surgery and it will take awhile before I feel completely like myself again.

{Sign the kids made, and was waiting for us when we got home}


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