Our First Normal Week.

I may have tried to be a little too ambitious this week.  I wanted to jump right back into life, and I think I over-scheduled just a bit.  I am exhausted.  Maybe that rush of energy you get after giving birth has gone away, and I am just tired from the lack of sleep the past 3 weeks.

Either way, here is a look at how our week went.

Monday, Matthew had off school.  A last minute lunch date with Daddy at work was made.  Then we went straight to the dentist after.
 {My Fortune, so fitting}

 {My kids playing on all the equipment at my husbands office, they LOVE visiting daddy}

 {Joshua's first trip to Daddy's work!}

 {Matthew @ the dentist.  He did AWESOME!  No problems, and he sat perfectly still to get his teeth cleaned}

 {And the toy damage in my living room after making dinner Monday}

 {I could take this exact picture every day, all this kid does is sleep!}

Tuesday we headed for a much needed trip to the library.  Our books were weeks old, and we hadn't been to story time in about a month.

 {We also did some grocery shopping}

Wednesday was Joshua's 2 week check up!  It went really well, and Lilly was so good, with the help of the Ipad. 

Thursday was going to be a housework/stay at home day, we did stay home, but no housework got done.  It ended up being a snow day, so the kids played outside, and then inside, making a toy mess in each and every room of my house....oh well, they had a great day!

As far today, we are off to the book store for story time, and then some lunch and errands.  It was a good week, but very busy.  Next week, I may slow it down a bit.

life rearranged

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