Some Days

Some days I feel like I have it all together.  My house is relatively clean, everyone is happy, we get out of the house on time, with everything we need, we go on play dates, 3 meals are prepared on time.... I think man, I have got this whole mom of 3 thing.

Then there are days that I am a mess.  Like yesterday.  I was still in yoga pants when I went to pick up Matthew from school, my to-do list which only had a few items to begin with was neglected all day, I spent the entire morning in bed watching a movie with Lilly because I was too tired to think about doing anything else.  Then the after school rush didn't get much better.  My sink was full of dishes, I had to get Matthew to CCD, and not in my yoga pants.  Grilled cheese was all I could come up with for dinner, and my brain was mush.

I just keep telling myself to give it time, and things will become routine.  That I will get back into doing crafts with Matthew and Lilly, that Lilly and I will work on writing, cutting, and  other preschool activities. 

It just seems like the simplest tasks have become so much more difficult. 

I need to let go of the mommy guilt.  There is always tomorrow.  The laundry will eventually get done and put away, the playroom doesn't need to be cleaned, if my kids are fed, semi-clean and most importantly happy, that is all that matters.


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