New Items for a Third Baby

Now that we are going on baby number 3, there weren't many items that we needed to purchase before his arrival.  We had saved everything from our first 2, so I actually think we ended up getting rid of more than we bought.  But with every new little one, there are a few things you can purchase/need to purchase to make life easier, and here are the things I have gotten over the past 9 months.

1.  A new diaper bag, or 2 or 3!  I was to the point with a 5 year old and 3 year old that an actual diaper bag was no longer needed on a daily basis.  So the search began.  Here is what I have chosen.

The first is a Bella Tunno bag. I found this gem through a playgroup friend.  She has it and I fell in love.  It is a larger bag, so I am using it as my hospital diaper bag. 

 The second is a Petunia Pickle Bottom.  After debating back and forth between so many bags, I decided on the Sashay Satchel.  I ordered mine through Nordstrom and am still waiting on delivery.  I have seen it in the store so I know it is what I want, I just wanted a color they did not have in stock.

I wanted the red interior....isn't it lovely!

Anyway, I obviously haven't used either bag yet, and hope to do reviews/ what's in my diaper bag posts once I know what I love/dislike about them.

2.  A Carrier.  I didn't wear Matthew or Lilly, but it is something that I really want to do this time around, mostly for convenience.  We are much more on the go now, and I know it will be useful on play dates, school functions, sports practices/games.  After researching I decided to go with the Boba 3G.   I like the Boba because you don't need an insert to use for infants.  This was actually a Christmas present from my husband.  I put my 3 year old in it, just for fun one evening, and it was surprisingly comfortable even with my 35lb big girl on my back.

 3. Aden and Anais everything.  I love this product, and I don't even remember them being around the last time I had a newborn, so I stocked up with the swaddlers and the burpy bibs.  Once again I got mine at Nordstrom, but they are available at a number of retailers and online.

 4.  I also start out every new baby with fresh bottles.  I bottle feed from day 1, so they get a lot of use.  Every baby is different, but my first 2 both used Avent without any issues, so that is what we will start with this time.  I have also received a few of the new Similac bottles in the mail, so I have those as a backup.

We will also need to purchase a highchair at some point.  After 2 kids our old one was in no condition to use again.  And eventually we will need a new convertible car seat as ours expired and can no longer be used.  These are items we can wait on though, and not buy until we need them.


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  1. I think you'll like baby wearing, it seems to be the fate of many 3rd children! :) It also gives you some special one-on-one time with that baby while you're chasing the other two.