5 on Friday

Yay for Friday!!!  Linking up with my favs  Darci, Natasha, Christina, and April for 5 on Friday.  This week has been a little crazy because we were on vacation, drove home in the middle of the night, it is so much easier to do with kids!  However, it has made this week a bit tiring.


JD will literally eat anything, I mean anything.  Our new game is to see if we can find anything he doesn't like.  After 2 picky eaters I was bound to get one that is a breeze at mealtime!

oh yea, he even loves sand.  #thirdchildcanyoutell


My crock-pot and I have been such good friends lately.  With hectic summer days and a goal to not eat out, I have found throwing something in and it being ready whenever we get around to dinner (hubs and I, not the kids, they are on a schedule) is working for us.


Anyone else watch Big Brother, I am a little obsessed.  I look forward to watching every summer.  This season is a bit annoying and frustrating to watch. Probably the worst season I have watched.  But I still love it and watch every moment, and watch parts of after dark, and read the spoilers..... maybe this is why I feel I am not getting much done lately!


Walking into this at naptime yesterday melted my heart.   Sometimes I wish I could have as many babies as my heart wanted.  It obviously isn't smart, practical, or even possible, but man I love being a mom.


My newest video on my YouTube channel is sharing a bit more about me as a SAHM.  I am really enjoying recording/editing videos. I have tons of ideas, but would also love thoughts/ requests for new things to talk about and share, so leave a comment or email me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

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