Happy Birthday Joshua

Happy 1st Birthday Joshua!  Every mother knows how quickly time passes when raising little ones.  It is so hard to believe that it has been a year since we completed our family and welcomed JD into it.    The past few weeks have been a bit rough, as he has been sick, and it just won't go away.  Sleep has been minimal, and he has been so cranky and fussy.

He is still a great eater, is fully on real foods, eating whatever the rest of the family is having for a meal.  He is still drinking 2 bottles a day, something that we will start to wean off in the coming month.  

Normally, (before getting sick) he is sleeping through the night, in his own crib in his room.  He is still napping twice a day, and actually sometimes tries to sneak in a third nap.

He is still just crawling and cuisine, he can stand on his own, but every time as soon as he realizes he is standing independently he drops to sitting and starts screaming crying.  No walking yet.

He loves his brother and sister more than anything.  He is starting to push cars on the floor, and loves music.  

It has been a hectic year, and life with 3 kids is no joke.  But also so wonderful and full of love.

We celebrated his birthday this past weekend with a family party at our home (more on that tomorrow).  He loved the cake, but was so neat and cleanly about it.  

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

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