Five On Friday!

I am so excited to be doing this weeks Five On Friday from my parent's home in SC!  While it isn't hot and beachy here in January, it is still a nice break from home.  So, YAY for long weekends where the kids get tons of attention from grandparents :)

{Man I can't wait to come back in the summer}

1.  This week Matthew has spent a total of ZERO hours at school.  Yes we got some snow, and yea it has been cold, but it amazes me how quick the school are to cancel where we live.  Today he was supposed to have a two hour delay, but we have had this trip planned for awhile so....yep, no school this week.  

2.  I had to become pretty creative when trying to occupy the kids in the house all week long.  I thought sleeping in and laying around being lazy was a good idea, but no.... not for them.  The biggest hit was my masterpiece tent.  {hint: using a fitted sheet along a couch or even over chairs is a great idea!}

3.  This week was all about toy organization.  I showed off my playroom, craft spot, and busy boxes.  I *may* have our dress up clothes and bedroom toys up today too, but with traveling I'm just not sure!

4.  I feel like I have really hit a groove with my blog, and while it is really exciting, and I LOVE it, I am also finding myself looking up ways to get more views, how to get people to subscribe.... all the things I used to sweat I didn't care about.  Of course you want people to read, but I don't want to become consumed by it.  Any other bloggers go through this?  How do you find the balance of wanting to grow, but also nor letting it take over?  

5.  Lastly, I have been working really hard at compiling a list of my favorite blogs, to put in a tab on my header, and also listing out Link Parties for each day of the week.  I would LOVE if you would comment your blog if you host a Link Party so it can be added to the list.  I am trying to put together a post AND make the Tab live next week at some time!  

Ok, I am off to enjoy the weekend here is the not warm, but also not cold SC.  Hope y'all (that's what they say down here, right!) have a great weekend!

{This photo is from August 2013 here in SC, Joshua was just 7 Months Old}

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  1. Yay for time in the Carolinas!!! :) Cheers to that!
    Happy Friday, pretty mama! xx