The News.  I am so desperately hoping the forecast is correct and the next winter storm headed our way tomorrow today will just be rain.  I cannot handle anymore snow days this winter.  I never realized how little I get done when all the kids are inside the house ALL. DAY. LONG.

{Thinking About}
How unprepared I am for the week.  I really need to sit down and just plan out my week on Sunday nights or I feel lost.  I didn't do that last night, and am paying for it today.  

My current breakfast.  Egg whites and toast.

My new Benefit liquid foundation....seriously in love!

A few exciting things for summer..... a bit early to talk about.   Short term I am thinking my Valentine  decorations need to come out today.  I found adorable placemats at Home Goods this weekend, and need to pull out my other decor ASAP.  Since my kids ganged up on me and opted for bought cheesy Valentines for their friends instead of letting me be controlling and making cute home made ones, I am going to Valentine the crap out of our house.

{Not Really Loving}
The lack of blogging going on lately.  I don't know why, maybe because it's winter and there just isn't a lot going on, but man I am pulling for straws lately on here.  There has been a lot more content on my YouTube Channel check that out.

I just finished this really fun Tag video about my home.

{Looking Forward To}
My husband moving into his new office building.  We went yesterday to check it out, and they are weeks away from moving in.  I am helping with his office organization, and can't wait.  While there, we of course had to scope out the shopping situation nearby.  It is a lot to live up to where they are now, blocks away from the largest mall in DC Metro, and one of the largest in the country, but it works.  

{Favorite Photos}

{Lilly taking a pic of her grandparent, to look at when she missed them} 

{My sports obsessed son and I watching NCAA bball.... #imnotcomplaining}

{Falling asleep at the dinner table.  Being 1 is hard work} 

 {Car selfie on a Sunday, just happy the sun was shining}

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

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  1. The sleeping in the highchair picture is adorable!
    I'm struggling with the lack of blogging right now. I have a ton of posts half written, but not enough time to sit down and finish!