Valentine's Day 2014

With all the snow we had last week, we ended up being stranded in for Valentine's Day.  The kids unfortunately both had school cancelled, therefore missed out on their parties.  We made the best of it however spending the day at home showering love on each other.  I think both Matthew and Lillian made me at least 10 valentines throughout the day.

Lilly never misses an opportunity to to dress the part.  Wearing a heart skirt from crazy 8 (last year) a heart bracelet from Gymboree  (very old) and a big ol' red bow on her head.

We decorated the house for Daddy, and ate all things heart shaped.  We ended up going out to dinner, which was a good thing, because I was all out of red foods to feed my children. 

We managed to get home and put the kids to bed pretty much on time, and enjoy some QT with my man.  We played Mario Cart while watching The Hangover.... we obviously go all out around here!


 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Valentine's Day!!

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