Five On Friday!!

It's been awhile since I have done a five on Friday, so here goes!  Be sure to check out the host blogs, Darci, Natasha, Liz, and Christina!


So I saw the other day that Matthew has 37 days until Opening Day for baseball.  That means that practice will probably start within the next 3 weeks.  Either this is amazing news, the weather is changing, time for sun hats and flip flops while sitting in the sun at the fields, or I am in for weeks of torture sitting through practice bundled up.  The day I saw this post, this is what it looked like outside my window.....


Yesterday I had tons of housework to do, so I did the only practical thing, packed up the kids (2/3 the other was at school) and headed to the mall.  It was Joshua's first time playing in the play area and after playing monkey on me for a few minutes terrified of what would happen if I put him down, he LOVED it!  


Speaking of Joshua (and shopping) I finally decided it was time for shoes.  He hates them, I think they are the cutest thing on the planet, and my husband thinks they were too expensive #storyofmylife.  oh and PS how is this child big enough to wear shoes??


 My husband is currently moving offices, and it has been a long, rough few weeks.  We have barely seen him, and when we do it is us visiting and helping him at the new place.  The kids have been AMAZING.  Never complaining when we are there, eager to help.  Joshua has even taken a few naps in a (very large) closet.  Not gonna lie, the iPad has helped fight off the boredom when we are there, whatever works, right?!?!  (If you want to see the iPad Apps we love for the kids, check that out HERE!)


To go along with that while, where has my little baby gone vibe, how is this just 6 months later.... he looks so much bigger, in just SIX months.  {If you want to see what books I am loving for Joshua check out this post}

My caption to the 1st photo : "There are always moments when I stop and think how does the time pass so quickly?"  Truer words never spoken....

Hope you all had a wonderful week!!

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Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I don't think winter will ever end!
    The first few weeks of baseball practice are SO cold!