Our Daily Routine - Winter 2014

I am a big believer in having a routine.  Especially with children, I think that life runs more smoothly when everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.  I have had requests to share our daily routine.  It is so hard to get it all out, because it does change frequently, and as seasons change and the kids school/activities change our day shifts.  Here is our current daily routine for Winter 2014.

5AM- Joshua is still waking up for a morning bottle, he is off of formula, just drinking whole  milk now, but it is something he isn't ready to get rid of, he falls back asleep right after.

6:30AM- WAKE UP.  I get myself dressed, and start making breakfast.  I also start packing lunches as well.

7AM- Matthew and Lilly wake up, get dressed, and eat.  Then they brush their teeth and get ready to head to school.  Joshua usually wakes up around this time as well, and eats breakfast.

7:43AM- We take Matthew to school.  After we drop him off we head back home.  I spend this time getting ready/shower.  I also do my hair and make up too.  During this time Lilly and Joshua are playing upstairs in their rooms.  (I do my hair and makeup in my room, which I can see into their rooms while doing so)

9AM- M/W/F Lilly has school.  We drop her off, and either head home or run errands.  Joshua takes a nap from 9-10:30, if we are home he naps in the crib, if we are out he naps in the car/stroller/Boba Carrier.

9:30AM-11:40AM - If we are home this is my most productive time of the day.  Since JD is sleeping I have 2 uninterrupted hours to work.  I almost always film during this time, clean, do laundry.... On days Lilly doesn't have school we either stay home to play, run errands, have gymnastics....

12PM- Pick up Lilly from school.  If it is a non-school day this is the time I make sure we are headed home by.

12:30PM- Lunchtime.  Then straight to bed for naps.  Lilly and Joshua both nap from 1-3.  During this time I eat my lunch, watch tv, rotate laundry, edit, nap....

3PM- Pick up Matthew.  We head straight home do homework right away, have a snack and then play.  I can usually get some cleaning done while the kids play.  I also start making dinner.

6:15PM- Dinner.   This is when Matt gets home from work, so we eat as a family at the table.  After dinner is playtime with Daddy.  I can usually sneak away to get some work done during this time. (Only on days he is home on time.  He works late a lot)

7:30- Bedtime routine.  Baths/PJs/Brush Teeth/Reading/Potty/Prayers/Goodnight!

8PM- Kids are in bed.  This is when my husband and I take the 20 minutes to do all the dishes, clean the counters, sweep the kitchen/dining room, clean up clutter from the living room.  

8:30-11PM- We just hang out.  Watching TV, working on the computer, anything really.

11PM- Goodnight!

So that is our day.  It seems so long all written out!  Weekends are a lot less structured, since the kids don't have school.  We try to keep them pretty relaxed.

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