Finish The Sentence....

A random Saturday post, I know, it's kinda crazy!  Today I am linking up with Holly for Finish The Sentence... should be fun.  So, it goes like this, she starts the sentence and I finish.....

1.  I always pick ..... at my nails.  That is why I rarely wear nail polish.

2.  Look at the size of those .... page views/ subscribers.  I hit some milestones this past week on the blog and YT channel, and it feel awesome, so thanks to all you who read/watch!  It really means a lot!

3.  I recently learned ....  "Across, and down from Heaven, that's how you make the number 7"  Yup, my preschooler taught me that little trick :)

4.  Only when no one is looking ..... I film videos.  I cannot film for my YT channel with anyone else in the room.

5.  I lost my ...... marbles.  Hook is one of my all time favorite movies and that is the first thing I thought of.

6.  I was certain I'd ..... be a teacher when I grew up.  Maybe someday.  I would love to teach preschool when my little ones are no longer little.

7.  There is not enough liquor in the world for me to ..... fly in an airplane again.  I tried it once, but never want to do it again.

8.  I just finished ...... sneezing???  no really I did.

9. Why does everyone have to be ..... so into running.  I am just speaking as a jealous person, I wish I liked to run, I really would love to want to get up and run each day.... the motivation, just.isn't.there.

10.  It's very rare when I ...... am productive during nap time, unless sitting watching DVR'd Real Housewives counts.  It would be such a waste of quiet awesomeness to do actually work while they are sleeping.

11.  If I were a dog ..... I would sleep all day long :)

12. I don't believe ...... in housework, at least that is what you would think if you all saw my house this week.  

Hope Everyone has a great weekend!  Oh and there will most likely be another post tomorrow.... #imonarolllately #don'tgetusedtoit!

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