A Big Thanks!!

I am not a big "numbers" person when it comes to my blog/social media.  I don't work with companies that are looking at pagviews or followers, y'all are not just a number to me.  If I do a giveaway or review, it is because I really do love the product and want to share it with you.  

With that said.... the past few months have been awesome.  As my baby (JD) was turning 1, I was torn at where I wanted the blog to go.  I started blogging back in 2007 on Xanga (which you can't even access anymore) to purely document my 1st pregnancy.  I "met" so many wonderful girls, some of which I still keep in touch with today.  

Ever since my blog has been simply that, our lives.  I wanted to do something more.  So I started throwing in some organization, planning, recipes.  Then I discovered the world of YouTube.  Sure I had searched on YouTube for reviews on strollers, or how to do this or that.... but I never really thought about those people making the videos.  

I started my channel last May, and WOW, I can even explain how great the past 11 months on there have been.  For those of you that don't know, my 1 year in college was spent in front and behind a camera, working in sports.  It has been something I have always wanted to do, but simply thought that since I was a housewife for life, with a hardworking husband in that field, that it would never happen.  It is a hobby/passion of mine, and I am loving it!

I recently just got my first "paycheck" from the ads that run on my blog and channel, and believe me it IS NOT about the money at all,  but it felt good.  

So thank you all so much for following along and contributing in the comments, on Instagram, Twitter.... It really means so much!

Now that said, Facebook basically sucks now and y'all won't be seeing my post on your timeline as much based on the new algorithms, or so I am told..... so please take a minute to follow in some other way.  Whether it be your favorite blog reader (I use BlogLovin) Twitter (I will get better on there, promise!), Instagram (where I will start sharing when a new post is up or video is live)  I would really appreciate it!  


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  1. Isn't blogging fun?? (Now following ya on twitter, too!)