How Linky Parties Can Grow Your Blog

I don't talk much about the actual business of blogging, pretty much because I have no clue how to have a successful blog, I don't blog for the money, and I know I am probably doing a million things "wrong". 

Today though, I do want to talk about Link-ups, Blog Hops, Link Parties.... whatever you want to call them.  These are a great tool for any blog to get noticed and grow your readership.  It is a free, easy way to get your posts noticed, pinned, talked about.  

Joining in on these link-ups, there are a few things to remember. 

1.  Make sure you are putting quality posts out.  No they don't have to be perfect, but if I have learned ANYTHING about blogging, it is that photos do all the talking.  Having photos on your posts will get you noticed.

2.  Pick your best posts to showcase.  I try to have 1 post a week that I really try to use for link-ups, features, and promoting.  The most popular typically are my organizing posts, recipes, printables.  Something that will help out others.  Some people love seeing/reading about my kids, but this is not the place for that.

3.  Have a "pinnable" image.  If anyone likes your ideas/crafts/recipes, they are going to want to pin it to not only remember it for later, but also to share it with their followers.  Adding an image to a post to solely act as the pinnacle image is such a good idea.  It is also a good idea (but also time consuming) to go back through and add in images to old post, you know those ones you wrote before Pinterest existed, as well.

4.  Be Kind.  As my 4 year old reminds me daily, Sharing Is Caring.  If participating in a Link-Up, be considerate and try to take the time to follow the blog, link them on your own blog, comment on the post, and share on social media.  Also visit at least a handful of the other blogs participating and comment on their posts.

I have created a new tab at the top of my blog, to show some of my favorite places to link up throughout the week.  If you have a link up you would like me to add, just email me at and I will put it on my list.

Ultimately, the purpose of these Link-ups are to have fun and interact with other bloggers.  I hope you  can use my list as a go to when trying to find new ways to share your favorite posts.   

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing!!!
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