Five On Friday

It's been a crazy day/week/month so I thought I would round out the week linking up for five on Friday, so lets do this!

1.  My littlest little turned 1 this week.  I can't believe how fast the past year has gone.  He really is such an adorable kid.  He had a great birthday and party.  And my time hop on his special day, yea it made me cry!

For Joshua's Birthday I made cupcakes, and then also a smash cake for him.  I spent forever decorating it as best I could.  After he very neatly, carefully, and unmessily tasted it, I felt a bit frustrated.  I don't know if I wished he had never touched it, or dug in and actually ate it.... either way, throwing that cake away was a sad moment!

3.  My husband is the best Daddy.  The other night when cleaning up for the night I found him building a tower for the kids to find the next morning.  They of course loved it, and Daddy once again was the hero, and well Mommy would have just cleaned up the blocks.

4.  My new obsession, Washi Tape.  It is becoming a problem.  Below is my latest 12 roll haul (12 rolls, really!?!?!?)  Michaels is my favorite place to look, although I do wish we had a Hobby Lobby close by.  Favorite tape, by far, glitter tape.  

5.  After what feels like a month of being sick, I am finally feeling better.  You know what suffered, my house....big time!  It was a disaster.  I finally got undecorated, and am now working on going room by room to clean up and clear out.  It is a huge task, and my playroom looks like a tornado went through.  I am giving myself until Sunday afternoon for my house/life to be back in order......

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!


  1. I need some Washi tape. love your stash!!! We have a Hobby Lobby about 20 mins away that I will need to check out.

  2. Hi Samantha! I just started following your channel and your blog. I so wish I had ordered an Erin Condren life planner after watching your videos. I had already ordered one from somewhere else before I found your channel. I also have a washi tape obsession! Have you heard of They post new deals everyday and today they have washi tape - Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and boy themed. They have washi tape every couple of months.