Craft Supply Organization

This entire week on my YouTube Channel I will be sharing all the ways we organize toys in our house.  Today I am starting with the organization of all our craft supplies.  We keep about half of our supplies right in our dining room, since that is where the kids prefer to color, do homework, and I prefer to paint, glue and complete bigger projects.  I think the is a very functional way of storing supplies, where it is neat and put away, but also very accessible to the kids.

I have also included links to some of the products seem in the video to make them easier to find if you are interested!  If you have any other questions just let me know, I am happy to help.

Melissa & Doug Boy Stamp Set
Melissa & Doug Wooden Girl Stamp Set
Colored Pencils
PIP SQUEAKS MARKERS {short markers shown in boxes- We LOVE these}

If anyone is interested in the workbooks we use, I can do another video and post on those, just let me know if that is something you would want :)

Coming up this week is our playroom tour, dress up clothes organization, busy box organization, and our toy rotation system.

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  1. I am also thinking where to functional store all this supplies, but in my case the kids (2 & 3,5) should not reach them ;)

    xo from Slovenia,